Moke Hill Speaks Up is the home for online discussion about the proposed faith-based women’s Faith Home Adult and Teen Challenge (fhtc.life) recovery center on Main Street in our downtown area.

This is a space for residents of Mokelumne Hill to come together and review the facts and come to a consensus on how the community will move forward. Concerns to be discussed include what the character of our town is, what we value in our downtown area, whether the chosen location on Main St. is the appropriate location for this activity, and the safety, security and well being of both the residents of the program and the community at large . Other concerns that have been brought up include the fact that the location is in an historical downtown area, surrounded by residences, a park where children play, etc. If you have concerns that this is not an appropriate location, and you can see some possible viable alternatives, please feel free to share them.

Please keep in mind, this is a civil discussion between all parties involved. And please also feel free to voice your views. This center would change the nature of our downtown area at a time when Mokelumne Hill is attracting new people and becoming a tourist attraction in Calaveras County. Keeping in mind the value of people kicking drug and alcohol addiction from their lives, we are seeking to find a positive solution, moving forward.   

News and Events

Feb 23 Town Hall Meeting

Feb 23 Town Hall Meeting

Mark your calendars, the next town meeting is coming up, on Feb 23 at Town Hall at 5 p.m. This meeting is specifically to hear from community members, and allow residents to voice their concerns or support of the rehab center. Given the purpose of the meeting, only...

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Moke Hill Speaks

Thank you Mary for setting this venue up. Now it is up to us, the residents of Mokelumne Hill, to communicate our concerns regarding the drug recovery center that is being planned on the Main street of our beautiful little town.

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Mokehill.org: Agenda of Sunday Night Meeting

Mokehill.org: Agenda of Sunday Night Meeting

On Sunday, February 9, at 5 p.m., interested Mokelumne Hill residents are invited to attend a Town Hall meeting regarding plans to establish a private, faith-based home for recovering drug and alcohol addicted women in our downtown area. The proposed center will be a...

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