We had about 40 folks attend the meeting Sunday evening. We sat in a large circle in Town Hall and anyone who wanted to make a statement had the opportunity to do so. It was civil and informative. The majority of attendees were against the group home and there were 7-8 people who voiced support for proposal. Of these, most were of the opinion that because Moke Hill is an small and open-thinking community, we should welcome the home as a show of support for women in need.

Jack G attended and offered his opinion that if the group completed their check list of required items, there was really not much the County or State could do to deny them of their use of the house.

A few comments came up about continuing to work with Rev. Rick by asking questions and finding out more about what they intend to do. I have been in touch with Rick, asking various questions and offered to be the conduit for questions and responses. Any questions and responses will be posted to this site.

A petition was circulated for folks to sign who are not in favor the group home moving in, If anyone would like to be sign the petition, please let me know and I can meet you in town for your review and signature.