Sherrif’s Deputy Josh Crabtree at Town Hall Meeting

Sheriff's Deputy Josh Crabtree has been serving our community for more than 16 years.  He spoke at the Town Hall meeting on February 9 about his experience with rehab facilities in Calaveras, and the realities of having a rehab center in downtown Mokelumne Hill. 

Feb 23 Town Hall Meeting

Mark your calendars, the next town meeting is coming up, on Feb 23 at Town Hall at 5 p.m. This meeting is specifically to hear from community members, and allow residents to voice their concerns or support of the rehab center. Given the purpose of the meeting, only... Agenda of Sunday Night Meeting

On Sunday, February 9, at 5 p.m., interested Mokelumne Hill residents are invited to attend a Town Hall meeting regarding plans to establish a private, faith-based home for recovering drug and alcohol addicted women in our downtown area. The proposed center will be a...